Curls and Sass

There is a little girl with long blonde curls. Her chubby cheeks have dimples when she smiles and her bright eyes crinkle just like her nose. I love this little girl.

She is light in a tired world.

Her spunk keeps me on my toes and her sass, although it occasionally gets her into trouble, more often is another giggle bubbling up inside me.

Her peanut butter and jelly kisses delight my heart and her smothering hugs gives me bunches of joy. She is wild, silly and beautiful.

She is a horrible tantrum and a tearful I’m sorry.

She is a sweetheart and a picture on the fridge with every color totally not in the lines.

She leaves bare footprints on the blacktop outside my house from her cute, wet feet after playing in the sprinkler.

This little cookie monster is an animal lover and she has the scar on her cheek to prove it.

She is a sun-kissed cutie pie and a hyper mess-maker.

My little mud-puddle warrior loves to sing at the top of her lungs. No matter if the song makes sense, she sings with all she has and it is wonderful to hear.

I pray she doesn’t change her pure perspective, which sees beauty in everything. I long for her to stay this age, but am also excited for her to battle this journey called life. She has touched my life with her lovable nature.

One day my precious little girl with long blonde curls will grow up, but I hope her silliness will remain. It is the silly people who have the most fun.


One thought on “Curls and Sass

  1. Thank you for capturing her essence so beautifully and accurately. I express to her often how blessed she is to have so many wonderful people who love her. You, dear Abby, are one of those special blessings.


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