The Ocean’s Staggering Beauty

     Most people describe the ocean and beach with simplicity, but I refuse to encourage that mortifying lie. The ocean is anything but simple. Each wave is unlike the other, every grain of sand is unique, and not one seashell is the same. One minute it is calm and soothing, the next it is wild and fierce. The waves crash with such intensity I am in awe of their vigorous strength. Yet, at other times, the water seems endlessly peaceful.

     At least once every year I go to the beach with either a friend or my family. The first moment my feet imprint the sand, I can’t help but smile. Standing there, I examine this staggering beauty .

     The ocean’s colors are never constant; they change with the waves. Each blue is a new shade and each green refuses to stay in one place. Purple pops up randomly and I see gray frequently. The colors swish and swirl. With every surge of energy running through the water like lightning, the colors claim a new position to display the ocean’s splendor.

     What a luxurious view I behold. What an astounding image my eyes have the pleasure to see. How truly blessed I am to to submerse myself in this gorgeous part of earth. The grandeur surprises me every time. From the sand in between my toes to the graceful waves that splash against my shins the flawless picture boggles my mind. What a perfect vision.


A Cold Kind of Cozy

Winter is my favorite season. If you had asked me a while back, I would have chosen Summer, but the beauty of winter has stolen the prize of my heart. Icicles form and hang from the edge of the roof, like stalactites inside a cave. Everyday I watch to see how long they’ll get before they are broken off by the brisk wind.

Winter brings me warmth. As strange as that sounds, its true. It’s not the physical kind of warmth; It’s the soothing feeling my heart captures as I wrap myself in my favorite quilt, which is about the size of a whale, and step outside on our porch for some morning coffee and a nice long talk with my Heavenly Father.

A gentle delight surrounds me even when I am inside. Our maroon couch is right in front of the divine fire, my amazing father graciously kept up to ensure his family stays warm. I let the heat caress my face and permeate my clothes. Looking over at my mom, who is reading her kindle beside me, amusement floods my mind. A smile takes control of my lips as I watch my mother’s different facial expressions display themselves while she reads her book.

The snow season is a joyful time of hot drinks, sledding down hills and, of course, the celebration of Jesus’s birthday. Family come together with gifts and christmas songs buzzing through their minds. Its beautiful to watch transpire. There is something about this particular holiday season that puts a smile on everyones face. A simple “Happy Holidays” will brighten anyone’s day.
So as Winter enters this year, a cozy kind of cold envelops me.