I don’t know about you but I just adore laughter. It can change a grumpy attitude to wonderful joy. And there are so many kinds of laughter: small giggles, stifled chortles, belly laughter and so many more. Laughter is genuine delight that flows through us.

Giggles are adorable. I am not sure I have ever come across someone’s giggle and not loved it. They are cute and warm, filled with gentle peace even if just for that moment. We giggle for so many different reasons. Whether it’s flirtatious or simply because of a funny joke. I guess girls giggle more than men; men probably prefer a more manly term such as “chuckle.”

Stifled laughter cracks me up because it often occurs when someone is attempting to not laugh in an inappropriate moment. This happens to me often. I can make a fool out of myself pretty easily with my stifled laughter, because if I stifle, I snort. Embarrassed after my pig-like snigger, I usually consider running away forever or getting a job on a farm.

Oh, glorious belly laughter, you are my favorite. I fall for the uncontrollable happiness. When someone is outrageously happy, it warms my heart. I listen to each person’s laughter, none sounding the same. And I laugh too, because someone’s laugh is awful. Oh wait, that’s just mine.

Well, at least I can laugh at my laugh. Man, that sounds sad. Anyway, love laughing. Enjoy the outburst of fun and elation. Live your laughs to the fullest.


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