Am I Emotional Or Is It The Rain?

I love the sounds of rain. Rain can ting, ping and swish. It splashes on the road when a car drives through a puddle. The different sounds of rain can be beautiful,filled with emotion. Of course, rain isn’t full of feelings, but its many sounds impact us in innumerable ways.

For example, when it is raining and I am in the barn, it tings and sometimes even sounds like rocks are falling from the sky. It makes me feel excited. The rhythm sends my heart sailing high and, I have to admit, I often want to dance or, at least, sway.

When I’m home and it’s raining hard, I wish I was asleep in my bed, listening to the rain tell its story with every ping and ting.

A gentle rain puts me in a soft mood. I want to curl up on a pile of pillows and blankets, surrounding myself with words, books and music, which, in my opinion is perfection. It can also make me gloomy. Forcing me to look back on life and ask myself, “What the heck were you thinking Abigail?” Maybe I’m stressed and then it starts raining and I ask, “Really?” It adds one more miserable thing to my momentarily wretched life.

Thunderstorms are wonderful. I am suffused with excitement, but also wonder. Stormy rain wakes me up and my mind expands. Everything becomes interesting. I want to explore, maybe discover a fossil of some unknown creature. I want to shock people like a storm shocks me. In my opinion, storms are incredible because of their ferocity and wild allure. I begin to think and question, “How is everything possible?”

Rain is unique and divine. I love each and every sound it makes. It allows me to experience emotions on all kinds of levels, whether I am in the barn or at home, whether I am happy or sad.


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