Dear Authors who write fictional series,

     Would you please stop writing so many books and then giving them terrible endings? You lead us readers on like a teenage boy would a teenage girl.

     Book one is written and it’s fantastic! It’s Filled with love, laughter, and thrilling moments. We teenager readers fall in love with every character in our own way. We turn our imaginations on and create our own pictures of what you’ve written in each of our young minds. We throw our hearts into the unknown pages we haven’t even read yet, dreaming of what will happen. Emotions swirling, feelings attacking every part of our hearts, we finish book one.

     Then you write book two, which is never as good as the first, but us readers just have to know what happens. We push through every aggravating chapter, yelling at the pages. Some of us, who really get into it, get so irritated we throw the entire book across the room, from the irritation we feel. Hatred is not too strong of a feeling for these agonizing moments we endure while reading your book two.

     Done with the distressing feelings of book two, we begin book three. Now we are incredibly annoyed and are begging you to stop already! Some of you do. It’s brilliant. You either give it a sad or happy ending and we love you for either.

     Trilogies are incredible because they are allowed to tear apart our teenage hearts and we still love them.

     Those of you who continue with a fourth book: STOP! Rethink this please. If you write another, start thinking how this is truly going to end.

     Remember, writing a series should be about the joy of each reader as they open up the book and feel the familiar cozy and warm happiness seeping into them. We become attached to your characters. We feel we are written into the story. Our hearts are always screaming to have a voice in each make-believe person’s life, even though we know it isn’t real.

     If you are writing book four, you need to decide where your story is going. To be quite frank you no longer have a choice. You will never be able to write this many books and get away with a sad ending. Book four is a symbol that you are promising this series will end happily or somewhat satisfactory.

     Take J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter for example, it is a fantastic series. It has seven books, but it ends happy. Yes we lost many of our favorite characters along the way, but in the end we were all satisfied. That is what made these books truly incredible. Also Susan Collin’s Hunger Games, which is an incredible trilogy because it was exactly that, a trilogy. Her series had an equally sad ending as it was happy and she got away with it because her story ended at the third book.

     So if you are going to write a series make sure you know how to write a series. Keep your readers happy. Don’t be like a teenage boy leading on a girl. Make sure you think about your story and how it is going to end.

                                                                                                                                                                 Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                  Just My Teenage Opinion


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